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LS Equestrian

Reflective Multi Bridle - Design your Own

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$157.00 CAD

Customize your own Multi bridle with a choice of up to 3 colors.

LS BETA® BioThane® Multi Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand

The LS Multi Bridle is an absolute Game Changer for head shy horses 🐎

- Adjust from both left & right with buckles on each side
- Single strap over the head allowing more space behind the ears
- Clip on browband allows for easy removal, stops interference with the horses ears
- Halter ring at the back & removable bit hangers allows for you to use the bridle as an everyday halter alleviating the need to switch between halter & bridle
- Side pull rings enables the rider to use the bridle bitless
- Bit Hangers allows the rider to use a bit when required
- Jowl strap around the throat keeps the bridle from twisting & the cheek pieces away from the horses eyes

🌈 Available in over 40 Beta BioThane Colours including Reflective & Camo

Breast plates, bridles, martingales, girth loops - can all be custom made as part of the LS Enduro range.

BETA® has a similar finish to leather.