LS Equestrian is an approved Maker of BioThane® coated webbing Tack, so you can Design your Gear & Buy with confidence.

100% Handmade in New Zealand, using only genuine BioThane® coated webbing manufactured in the US, Marine Grade Stainless Steel & 100% Bonded Nylon Thread.

The LS range includes Bridles, Halters, Breastplates, Martingales, Reins, Driving Reins, Stirrup leathers and everything in between - From Miniature Foal sizes all the way up to Warmblood & Draft.

With over 40 BioThane® Beta® material colors to choose from & a vast array of padding options, there really is something for everyone.

BioThane® Coated webbing is Waterproof, strong, flexible, lightweight, and easy to clean. It does not crack, and stays supple even in the coldest of weather. Once you buy your first BioThane® Bridle, you'll never look back. Your horses will thank you for it. "Say goodbye to hard, moldy, smelly leather tack. No more oiling or leather butter!"

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LS Deux Bridle

The LS Deux Bridle - Comes in 2 parts:

LS Deux Halter - Can be used as your Go to everyday halter- Hardy, waterproof, soft & flexible. Can be left outside on the most rainiest of days and it will still look brand new!

LS Deux Headstall - Quickly clicks onto the halter via dome snaps on the browband turning it into a fully functional bridle.

The LS Deux bridle, like all in our range, is so versatile and is a super handy bridle to have in your tack room. Perfect for everyday trail riders, endurance riders, pleasure riders, and perfect for young horses.

No more fastening your halter around your horses neck whilst you mess around trying to put on your bridle. Just clip on and go !

Design Your Own LS Deux Bridle

LS Cavesson Bridle

LS Cavesson Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand using high quality Beta BioThane & marine grade stainless steel fittings. 

Never oil your bridle again! Simply hose down, and sponge with soap - Say goodbye to smelly, mouldy, hard tack! 👋

Have the look of leather, yet the soft, lightweight supplness of BioThane - Trust me your horses with thank you for it 🫶

BioThane isn’t just for Endurance Riders, it’s for everyone, and once you try your first bridle, I can promise you that you won’t look back!

The LS Cavesson Bridle comes with a marine grand fully waterproof padding to the nose, browband & head

Design Your Own Cavesson Bridle

LS Multi Bridle

LS BETA® BioThane® Multi Bridle - 100% made in New Zealand

The LS Multi Bridle is an absolute Game Changer for head shy horses 🐎

- Adjust from both left & right with buckles on each side
- Single strap over the head allowing more space behind the ears
- Clip on browband allows for easy removal, stops interference with the horses ears
- Halter ring at the back & removable bit hangers allows for you to use the bridle as an everyday halter alleviating the need to switch between halter & bridle
- Side pull rings enables the rider to use the bridle bitless
- Bit Hangers allows the rider to use a bit when required
- Jowl strap around the throat keeps the bridle from twisting & the cheek pieces away from the horses eyes

Design Your Own Multi Bridle